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--brodie, 14. nova scotian, hardcore newfie at heart. i reblog random shit that i find funny or i relate to, so yeah. follow c:

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so today we had a moving sale from my house. and it’s kinda a bitter sweet moment for me because i mean we’re moving completely out of the house that i grew up in, in 4 days. i mean i’ll have no more attachment to hammonds plains apart from the fact that i go to school there. thats kinda sad and deep when you think of the fact that i’ve lived in that house for 12/14 years. so yeah i sold a whole bunch of shit i’ve had memories with, but that doesnt really matter. whats good is that it goes to good people who’ll have good memories just like i did. so yeah. good adventures. ps if theres anyone in hp who would like to adopt me or put me up in their shed for free or something along those lines, hmu